2012 Shortlist Progress

Well, it’s only February and I’ve tackled a few things off of my life list, specifically my 2012 Shortlist ! I also booked an exciting trip, but I think it deserves a dedicated post!
122. Go to natural hot springs (January, 2012)

413. Have a hot stone massage (February, 2012)

The 2012 Shortlist

44. Go blonde
81. Learn to appreciate wine
93. Eat in an upscale restaurant that serves “courses”
122. Go to natural hot springs
130. Learn to juggle
149. Have my fortune told
170. Create a family tree
315. Try the raw food diet for two weeks
413. Have a hot stone massage
486. Smoke a cigar
633. Learn to drive standard
641. Go to Hooters

Best Bucket List Everrrr

The articles over at Cracked are pretty much the only reason I get out of bed each morning. This morning they outdid themselves with this amazing Bucket List of things to do before (or while) you die. I like things that are both relevant to my life but also written well enough that I no longer want to punch a whole through my computer using my phone.

I’m not sure if my favourite is “cause an eclipse” or “touch Christian Bale’s face”…either way, a little ridiculous inspiration for you.


Monday Picture of the Week: So Informative


From Alberta’s Big Rock Glacial Erratic outside of Okotoks